Activate your body and mind to bust out of stress and into alignment!

Discover a way to harness the power you have inside you!
Dive deep into your life to allow yourself to be immersed in an evolutionary movement system to bring you, your spine, and brain into balance.

Next Immersion May 31- July 15, 2022

If you're ready to access the hidden POTENTIAL in your spine and find the SOURCE OF POWER in your life then join us in this 7 week immersion!

Burn out has become normalized, causing people to look outside of themselves for the solutions to their problems, whether physical, mental, emotional, sexual or spiritual. These days people are used to sleep problems, finding themselves over worked, drinking caffeine or using other substances to keep going while running on empty, or completely overwhelmed with anxiety and stress.
When we do this, due to fear and lack of trust, it gives our inherent power away.
This doesn’t have to be you!
We’re here to let you know: the answers and everything you’ll ever need are inside of you! Our bodies and souls are infinitely wise and with the right tools, systems, and support you can have fun moving you body, empowering your core and essence, while we help guide you to your true self, to your source centered awareness, and learn how to bring yourself back into balance when you lose your alignment.
Whether you’ve felt out of balance in your life, relationships, job, or in your body it doesn't have to be this way….

🎶 It’s time to move it, move it 🎶

If that’s you, we know what it’s like! 3 years ago we weren’t together or living aligned!
One of us, Jeffrey, had been left by his wife of 18 years with four kids, trying to keep up with running his own business, managing being a single dad while feeling completely depressed, angry and totally overwhelmed. He already had felt there was no space for him in his life, then with a divorce, the finances vaporized…talk about stress and loss of inspiration and hope.
There was no time for himself with shit hitting the fan everywhere. Jeffrey was at a massive turning point when he showed up to teach the annual teacher training for EDGU: evolutionary spinal maintenance.

The other, Swirl, constantly felt like something significant was missing, she was a “starving artist” healer and teacher. The epitome of the wounded healer, the martyr. Constantly, she struggled with chronic pain, being human, and always putting others' needs before her own.
Financially broke and barely getting by on random side gigs, she was living a vagabond lifestyle out of her car and a storage unit. She felt like, though she found ways to alleviate her pain, she was still treading water and getting nowhere.
Just before the annual EDGU teacher training, Swirl totaled her car and was in complete disarray, already scheduled to assist; she made her way to the training to teach because EDGU is the one practice that she knows helps alleviate her stress, back pain and tension, as well as deepen interconnectedness and tune up her energy body, which she desperately needed.

As the lineage holders of EDGU: Evolutionary Spinal Maintenance, Jeffrey and Swirl had taught and trained teachers for years. The movement coupled with the mindset aligning story had always given so much to their students, but this time it was taken to heart more deeply than ever, for themselves. As they moved through the week, each step opened them up to seeing an opportunity they had not seen before. They were turning their minds as they turned their spines, and they changed their story and wired a new more beautiful story right into their brains. They could finally live their mission and they could do it together. It clicked for them, EDGU’s story helped clear the distorted perceptions, imbalances, and though they were teaching, they realized they had not been living in full alignment in the rest of their lives. EDGU not only melted away the stress and pain they had been in, it made it clear that EDGU aligns people in beautiful ways…even themselves.

Since then we have been assembling a tribe of people who are ready to move their back (spine and mind) into balance, be and act sane, #sanitytribe all while igniting their unique god spark and radiating from within…….

What people are saying

Yogis have a saying, “Your age is not determined by years but by the health of your spine.” EDGU is the simplest, easiest, and most effective method I’ve found to maintain a flexible and vigorous spine anywhere and anytime. For a truly inspired EDGU experience, there are few who have the embodied expression and passion of the Vitalist Core Team.

Jonathan Collier
Consultant, Author

“I recommend this immersion for anyone who wants to improve spinal health and learn a fun interactive movement meditation to share with friends.”

Meg West

"I was so beat down by my life and felt like I was a victim to everything. Working with Jeffrey helped me see the rest of the picture and gave me the power to stand up in my beauty, with my gifts like never before. My husband and kids felt like they were watching a hero in a movie. Thanks a million!"

Kimberly Carville
Real Estate Agent

How it works

EDGU, surprisingly isn't an acronym. It is referring to the edge of you, the spine.

EDGU is effective because it soothes this disruption in the spine.

It relieves pain with a fluid sequence of pivotal movements which regenerates the intervertebral disks to maintain their natural strength, flexibility, and absorbency.

Through the EDGU system, your body’s balance is restored by:
Gracefully gyrating your upper body to regenerate the disrupted intervertebral disksBalancing the left and right hemispheres of the body & brain through the art of rhythmic spinal tuningReleasing mal-aligned vertebraeIncreasing range of motionLiberating compensation patterns caused by poor posture or lack of physical movement

EDGU is an evolutionary spinal maintenance movement series that is told through story. A fun and invigorating way to feel good and keep the spine flexible and young. The series is designed to flex and toggle each vertebrae therefore lubricating the spine with cerebral spinal fluid, this helps us feel vital and more alive. EDGU can be practiced while sitting or standing or even in a wheel chair, there are no contra-indications for this work. This means anyone, big or small, any age and experiencing any physical condition, can practice EDGU and receive the awesome benefits from this maintenance series.

Now you might be wondering, what makes people say things like...

EDGU is the simplest, easiest, and most effective method I’ve found to maintain a flexible and vigorous spine anywhere and anytime.

Well, studies tell us the majority of discomfort and pain in the spine is “mechanical” in nature, meaning there’s a disruption in the way the components of the back (the spine, muscle, intervertebral discs, and nerves) fit together and move.

This isn’t purely physical!
This system benefits all human aspects; physical, mental, emotional, sexual, and spiritual. We call this a Vital Stack.
When the Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF) gets flowing through the spine and brain then they become more flexible and that moves your life force energy through your central channel. This vital energy is our sexual, creative energy and moving it through the central channel means getting turned on! We have so much more fun in life when our creative energy is flowing, and when our spines are lubricated. We can attest, this leads to better sexytimes that feel more connected and more intimate.
The inner connection that is generated from doing this practice lights up your soul. It is generating love from within.
And the connection and flexibility doesn’t stop there, flexibility of spine and flexibility of mind make the connection between mental and physical clear and strong. This calms the mind and balances emotions, and allows for full embodiment.

Within this system, each movement is coupled with a self-reflecting and life-affirming “story” which weds your consciousness to the movements.

This storytelling aspect allows you to condition your mind, body, and spirit at the same time for a TRUE holistic experience!

The immersion is 7 weeks of group training, coaching, and pure magic where we give you all the tools, tricks, and insight to get the results you want!

Next Immersion is May 31- July 15, 2022

What people are saying

“I recently attended a training with Jeffrey and Swirl. They are great instructors who created a fun, and easy to follow experience. I felt tended to and taken care of during the training which is very important doing this type of inner work. They did a great job of holding the space in a way that myself and the other participants felt a real sense of community. As we all moved through the EDGU sequence together we bonded through our inner journeys and moving through old blocks and into self-love. EDGU is not only about the many physical benefits you receive from the movements it's also about self-connection and self-love. I'm so grateful for this training and look forward to more EDGU experiences held by the fantastic Vitalist Team!!”

Alexandra Frishman
Small Business Owner, Farmer

“I have seen many positive outcomes and benefits of working with Swirl. Through her lessons and encouragement I have learned to feel more confident, and less inclined to limit myself or be discouraged - she helped me realize that often the best thing I can do is get out of my own way. I have become deeply aware of how I relate with myself and the world around me, what that means about where I am on my journey, and what I can learn from my experiences while I trust in my process… I don’t know where my life would be without having worked with Swirl. I’m so grateful!”

Rainelle Tiffany
Seamstress, Artist

This Immersion is for you if...

~ you suffer from chronic back tension, stiffness, anxiety or brain fog and want to see changes in the way you are embodied.

~ you're an overachiever whose looking for the next best life hack to have high impact on youself and the world around you while taking less time than almost anything else.

~ you're a spiritual seeker who desires to feel more connected, aligned with purpose, and lit in all areas of your life.

If you’re not ready to change, move your spine and body, or take responsibility for where you are in your life (the good, the bad, and the ugly) then this immersion isn’t for you.

Are You READY?

  • Ready to feel aligned and balanced in all ways?

  • Ready to own the truth of who you are?

  • Ready to revitalize your life?

What you get when you join:

The next immersion with lineage holders Jeffrey and Swirl is January 10-February 24, 2022 and we’ll give you access to a workshop from Jeffrey to get you primed and ready for transformation.

6 LIVE Masterclasses
(valued at $2700)

7 LIVE Q&A Office hours for additional support
(valued at $2100)

Weekly prompts for deep self reflection
(valued at $300)

Accountability to show up as yourself for yourself
(valued at your own self worth increase)

Connection to the Vitalist Network #sanitytribe
(valued at $336)

Initiated as a Rainbow Ranger (priceless)

A whole lotta fun and inspiration! (priceless)

Total Value: $5436

Schedule for the immersion:

Masterclass 1 Intro & Important Points : May 31 @ 12pm PST
Office Hours: June 3 @ 12pm PST
Masterclass 2 Inner Chores: June 7 @ 12pm PST
Office Hours: June 10 @ 12pm PST
Masterclass 3 Outer Chores: June 14 @ 12pm PST
Office Hours: June 17 @ 12pm PST
Midpoint Integration Week w/ Office hours: June 24 @ 12pm PST
Masterclass 4 Outer Journey: June 28 @ 12pm PST
Office Hours: July 1 @ 12pm PST
Masterclass 5 Inner Journey: July 5 @ 12pm PST
Office Hours: July 8 @ 12pm PST
Masterclass 6 The Ulitmate View: July 12 @ 12pm PST
Final Office Hours: July 15 @ 12pm PST

Can’t make it LIVE?
No worries~ all masterclasses and office hours will be recorded and posted for replay!

See you in the immersion!

P.S. Don’t let another season go by without moving back into balance and immersing yourself in the ultimate system for self care and mission alignment!

What people are saying

“I’ve been practicing yoga and meditation for years but it has not been doing what I need it to do in these stressful times. EDGU did it, it worked for both my body and mind

Jordan Hoffman

“This class is a gift. I feel more grounded than I have in months…years? Who is counting? Because Now, I am more in now. Thank you!“

Yoyo Ray

“Just what the doctor ordered! Jeffrey's class was perfect and exactly what I have been looking to find. I would highly recommend his class if you have any stiffness or reduced flexibility.

Dayna Rekieta

"Life-changing techniques were shared that were easily digestible and readily applicable to nearly every situation of my life. Jeffery and Swirl hold a strong and knowledgeable presence."

Jonathan Valdman

We are excited to Move Back into Balance with you!

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